What is a pre order item?

Pre order items are made to order. A pre order item is a product listed on our website that you can purchase before the product has been manufactured. Once the item becomes available in our warehouse, it will ship out! Pre order items have an estimated 6-12 week manufacturing time.


How long is the pre order timeframe? 

Pre order items have an estimated 6-12 week manufacturing time.


How do I tell if a product is on pre order?

If the product has PRE-ORDER in the title then this product is on pre order.


Why do you have pre order products?

In alignment with our sustainability mission, have chosen to introduce pre-order products to our store in an effort to become more sustainable.


How is this sustainable?

64% of the 32 billion garments produced each year end up in landfill.

By introducing waitlist products this allows us to produce an accurate number of each product, essentially eliminating any excess inventory.


What if I buy a pre order item and a non pre order item?
If you pre order an item along with other items, we will not ship out the full order until the pre ordered item is available.

We recommend purchasing any pre order items in a separate order to any in stock items, unless you're willing to wait for the entire order!

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